11 of the Best Coping Skills For Depression

Coping With Depression

Depression really sucks.  But not to worry.  These coping skills for depression can help you better manage your symptoms. 1. Talk to a Therapist A good therapist can be difficult. But if you can connect with the right person, he or she can help you heal and work with you to manage your symptoms. 2. … Read more

Nutrition and Depression: 4 Simple Mood Boosting Nutrition Hacks

The link between nutrition and depression baffles many doctors and mental health experts.  But if you stop a moment to think about it, you’ll realize something… All the anti-depressants and talk therapy in the world won’t do any good if your body isn’t getting the nutrition it needs to function properly. Nutrition and Depression: What’s the Link? Your … Read more

Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety Relief – How Does It Work?

Meditation for anxiety relief isn’t a new fad. Millions of people are becoming more aware of its benefits. For many anxiety sufferers, worry, fear, and racing thoughts are unfortunately part of life.  Medication and therapy can be effective in relieving these symptoms. But there’s a downside. Medications have adverse side effects, and therapy is time-consuming … Read more

17 Ways To Live a Happier Life and Treat Depression

live a happier life

Here’s the thing, there are many causes or reasons for someone to be depressed or sad, but there are also many ways to overcome that and to live a happier life. Too many people will try and tell you that life is hard and you should do this and that… but the truth is that … Read more

Can Exercise Treat Depression?

Many research studies have been performed for the purpose of evaluating the effect of exercise in reducing symptoms of depression. These studies report that exercise is very effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression. In fact, they have proven that exercise is as effective, or perhaps even more so than the use of medication, cognitive therapy, and … Read more

Antidepressants Are Not the Only Help for Depression

There are literally dozens of side effects that have been reported by people who take antidepressants for depression. Having taken antidepressants during two episodes of Major Depressive Disorder(MDD), I am familiar with at least some of the side effects. Headaches, blurred vision, less energy than before starting them, wanting to sleep all the time and extreme … Read more

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