Teenage Depression: These Are The Most Common Causes


Teenage depression is more than just occasional melancholy and bad moods. It is a very serious problem that affects every single part of a teen’s life.

Teenage Depression

Alcohol and drug abuse, self-mutilation and self-loathing, violence, pregnancy, and even suicide can be caused by a serious case of teenage depression.

If you’re a concerned parent, friend or teacher, there are a number of ways you can help someone overcome their depression. Offering support and talking about the exact problem can go a long way in helping your teenager get back on track.

Adolescence is often a very difficult and turbulent time for the majority of teens.

Depression is fairly common among adults and teenagers alike, and it can have some serious implications, especially among teenagers who are being faced with emotional difficulties that they find tough to manage on their own.

Noticing the signs of depression is crucial in order to get proper treatment and help that depressed teenager needs in order to fully understand the root of their depression.

Here is a list of some of the most common contributing factors to teenage depression.

Peer Pressure Or Social Anxiety

During adolescence, teenagers are learning how to successfully navigate the unsettling and complex social world in complicated and new ways.

A lack of popularity can be very traumatic to most teens, as it is an important aspect of their teenage lives.

The introduction of peer pressure to start drinking, doing illicit drugs or other experimental behavior is often quite traumatic for teens that are not so eager to do those kinds of things but are aware that refusing to give in could result in damaging their reputation.

Romantic Problems

During adolescence, romantic entanglements become a much more influential and prominent part of teenagers’ life. From unrequited affection to breakups, there are a number of ways where love problems can cause teenagers to become severely depressed.

Divorcing Or Separating Parents

Separated or divorced parents are certainly more common today than generations ago, but that does not mean that this situation has lost its effect on the overall emotional well-being of a teenager.

The divorce of a parent or the dissolution of their family can be extremely upsetting for a teenager, which can often lead to teenage depression.

Family Financial Struggles

Although teenagers are usually not the ones responsible for providing for their family and balancing the household budget, this does not mean that they remain unaffected by a difficult financial state within the family.

Being aware of the fact that the budget is tight can be an extremely upsetting situation, more so if there’s a possibility of losing the accustomed standard of living.

Emotional Or Physical Neglect

Although teenagers want to look like fully independent beings that don’t need anything from their parents, they still have physical and emotional needs for attention.

Feelings of teenage depression can be caused by the lack of parental attention at any level.

Low Self-Esteem

Going through adolescence can be very tough on the self-esteem. Teenagers are going through a number of serious body changes which directly and sometimes negatively affect their level of self-confidence.

After the self-esteem levels have reached a certain low, it is very common for a teenager to become depressed.


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