Defining Depression: Looking At Signs & Symptoms

defining depression

Defining depression can be a bit tricky at times. There’s a lot of misinformation floating around on the topic.   Is it just a temporary state of mind that makes you feel “a little blue,” or sad?” Is it just “all in your head?” Well, studies point to the fact that depression is a real medical condition, … Read more

15 Depression Signs You Should Look Out For

Depression can be just a mood for a few days, or it can be a major depressive disorder. The mental disorder is described as having at least two consecutive weeks of low mood that is present in almost any situation. But there are always some depression signs you should be on the lookout for. A … Read more

Signs Of Depression for Adults, Teenagers & The Elderly

Depression Signs

Worried that you might be exhibiting signs of depression?  Are you or a loved one struggling with depressive feelings that have started to negatively impact everyday life activities? Sometimes depression symptoms may not be overtly apparent and can often be overlooked as general sadness. It is a natural part of the human condition to feel down or despondent, … Read more

What Is Psychotic Depression And How To Treat It?

psychotic depression

What exactly is psychotic depression? Psychotic depression is a serious mental illness and can even be a psychiatric emergency. The term “psychotic depression” is used in order to describe an intricate form of depression which is often accompanied by various psychotic symptoms that include paranoia, hallucinations or delusions. The psychosis symptoms have a tendency to … Read more

Bipolar Depression VS Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar affective depression is just one form of depression that a specialist should be easily able to diagnose in a patient. Upon examination of the symptoms that a patient is currently exhibiting, along with those exhibited in the past, a specialist will be able to recognize whether the form of depression the patient is experiencing … Read more

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