Signs Of Depression for Adults, Teenagers & The Elderly


Worried that you might be exhibiting signs of depression?  Are you or a loved one struggling with depressive feelings that have started to negatively impact everyday life activities?

Sometimes depression symptoms may not be overtly apparent and can often be overlooked as general sadness. It is a natural part of the human condition to feel down or despondent, especially in times of grief, such as the death of someone close.

It usually passes over time and a general sense of well being slowly returns.

However, prolonged bouts of clinical depression can last for weeks, months or even longer and if left untreated can have devastating effects on one’s life and the lives of their loved ones.

Suicide is a definite risk among those battling severe depression and professional help should be sought after immediately should suicide be a concern.

Knowing the symptoms of depression can be that vital first step to realizing that something may not be right and the catalyst for seeking help.

It is important to realize that the signs of depression can be treated and that there is always hope and help available. Effective depression treatment, whether with antidepressants, psychotherapy or other methods can obtain the goal of returning a person to their normal self.

Nearly half of all people who experience depression symptoms do not seek help or get properly diagnosed. Reaching out for help is often the most difficult step, but it is also the most important step.

From children and teenagers to adults, to the elderly, no one is immune from depression symptoms. There are many types of depression and it can manifest itself in many different ways.

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