How To Get Out Of Depression – What To Do When You Are Depressed


First and foremost, even if you believe you can learn how to get out of depression on your own, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be evaluated by a medical professional the moment you feel symptoms of depression. It is nothing to play with!

how to get out of depression

If you choose to self-diagnose yourself by reading articles, books, and from other materials including advice from your aunt Betsy, you may not be getting the whole picture and it may end up costing you, big time!

Physicians and other trained professionals have far more experience than you do and you should consider their information valuable and crucial to your speedy recovery.

What to Do When You Are Depressed

Once you have been diagnosed with depression by a physician, you will have enough information to recognize when you are feeling common symptoms that are causing you to have an especially difficult day.

I have suffered from depression only two times in my life and although one was pretty severe and lasted for a few months, the other was fairly mild and lasted about one month.

If your depression is minor and you are not experiencing any life-threatening thoughts at all, there are certain things you can do to alleviate some, if not all of the symptoms within a reasonable amount of time.

Can exercise help treat depression? Of course…

exercise to get out of depression

Exercise is the first thing you can do to get yourself on track to relieve your depression. You can try walking, resistance training, running, jogging, riding an exercise bicycle, treadmill, or elliptical machine, for example.

Many people find relief through yoga exercises, too. The point is by becoming active and getting the blood circulating through your body.

Exercise makes your body release all those feel-good chemicals in your body (endorphins and neurotransmitters) and it increases your body temperature which in turn, has a wonderful calming effect on your body.

Exercise also helps you gain more confidence as a person as you start sculpting your body and you start feeling so much better about yourself.

In fact, some people who have mild depression find that adopting a workout regimen and sticking to it is the magic potion they needed to catapult themselves out of depression for good!

Here are a few other fairly quick fixes when you’re feeling a little blue:

treat depression by laughing

  • start getting enough sleep and avoiding late night munchies
  • do something nice for someone every day
  • avoid artificial lighting a few hours before going to sleep (your table lamp may be preventing you from getting quality sleep because it inhibits your brain from producing melatonin)
  • laugh and smile as much as possible
  • surround yourself more frequently with friends and loved ones
  • try a new hobby or activity
  • set short and long-term goals to have something to look forward to and to get out of a rut

Can You Learn How to Fix Depression On Your Own?

I’m a huge believer in that it’s possible to learn how to listen to your own body and learn how to get out of depression as long as it’s not severe.

You should keep in mind that even mild forms of depression can become severe, so it makes sense to always consult with a physician before self-diagnosing and self-medicating.

Here’s a routine that has worked for me time and again.

The first thing I do is to make sure I am getting enough exercise. I am able to either walk or use the bicycle for 30 minutes every day and I top it off with weight training at least four times a week.

I have noticed when I am a little down in the dumps, it’s not a coincidence that I haven’t been able to get to the gym or walk or go bicycling like I normally do. So, for me, a lack of exercise has a way of potentially making me a little depressed if I am not careful. Therefore, getting back firmly into my routine helps me start the healing process rather quickly.

food depression

Another thing I have noticed when I am a little down is that I haven’t exactly been eating as healthily as I should have. Coffee does not boost my mood as it does for many. For me, it has the opposite effect. I begin suffering from anxiety and it tends to dehydrate me at the same time.

Once I start slipping up by drinking a cup of coffee, I know I am taking a chance at becoming a little depressed. The good news is I can fix it by eating the right foods and cutting out the coffee! This is a great example of how you can recognize what triggers your depression and start reversing it as quickly as possible.

Surrounding myself with people I love and care about is also something I make sure I do whenever I get down on myself. There’s nothing that can ease the pain like the love of someone you really care about and fun and laughter is something no person should have to do without.

The next thing I do to get myself out of depression is to begin setting goals once again so I can have something to look forward to.

I remember in my younger days, I would become a little blue because I was having financial difficulty. However, once I set some goals to straighten out my finances, I would feel much better about myself and my future. This would naturally help me get out of my funk!

I believe the best thing anyone can do to learn how to get out of depression for themselves when they are suffering from mild depression is to remember what makes them happy and healthy.

Anyone can get off track for a while and begin suffering from depression but if you can learn how your body reacts and how to make the proper adjustments in your life rather than going into a corner and hiding from reality, you can learn how to get out of depression and beat it over the top of the head as you get rid of it for good!


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