Is Heartbreak Depression More Common Among Men Than Women?

Is Heartbreak Depression More Common Among Men Than Women?


Relationship breakups are one of the most emotionally challenging parts of anyone’s life, regardless of sex. However, it is considered that men are somewhat more prone to suffering of heartbreak depression.

heartbreak depression

Although the actual statistic may vary, as men are not so eager to seek out help from professionals regarding their emotional problems.

Heartbreak depression is a relatively new term that has been made more recognizable at the end of 2009, after Alexa Ray Joel’s homeopathic pills overdose, a move that has been described as a “cry for help” by many professionals.

Unfortunately, bad emotional breakups are quite common in today’s world, so many people can actually relate to that term. But still, the term heartbreak depression remains unrecognized as a clinical illness.

Is Suffering From Depression After Break Up Possible?

Various stress situations, which are a part of our daily lives, can cause depression. Going through a divorce or a break up is certainly one of the more stressful situations a person may go through, as those events consequently bring a lot of sadness and down days to anyone experiencing them.

Having those negative feelings of depression is actually a part of the natural grieving process.

The problems arise when those feelings of depression and sadness begin to obstruct and intrude your normal life, making the person suffering from depression unable to function normally.

Depression is defined as a medically recognized illness under the condition that the feeling of extreme despair or depression lasts over a couple of weeks, preventing the person suffering from that condition to do their everyday activities, such as sleeping, eating or working.

Why Are Men More Depressed After A Break Up Than Women?

Men are more likely to suffer from depression after a break up because there are some other aspects of that process that only men are going through, which can be categorized as additional stress triggers.

It is often a case that men are the ones that have to change home, adding additional financial problems, or have restricted access to seeing their kids, which could easily lead to a state of depression.

Because of problems like these, men who are going through a divorce are also more likely to suffer from depression.

How Can Men Fight Depression After A Break-Up?

Men have a tendency to be quite bad at dealing with emotional problems, as they perceive asking for help as a sign of weakness which makes them less of a “real” man.

They will often even turn to alcohol or drugs in order to numb the feeling of despair, rather to simply go through their emotions by talking about how they feel.

Men will also rarely seek help in order to fight depression and even when they do ask for advice and help, they will usually focus on physical symptoms of the problem, neglecting the true, emotional cause for depression.

What Are The Most Common Signs Of Depression?

Emotional symptoms include:

* Being unable to concentrate

* Feeling depressed and unhappy for a long period of time

* Constantly feeling guilty, even about something that has nothing to do with that person

* Previously loved activities are no longer fun* A person can’t enjoy anything* Constant mood swings* Having thoughts of death * Feelings of hopelessness

Physical symptoms:

* Waking up during the night and having different problems with sleeping, such as insomnia

* Decreased libido

* Constant feeling of extreme exhaustion which makes the person want to sleep more often, even after they’ve had a full night’s sleep last night

* Changes in appetite

* Anger and aggressiveness issues which lead to loss of control

* Increased risk-taking.

When To Ask For Help?

Even though heartbreak depression is not a recognized medical term, it still doesn’t mean it is not a real problem for a lot of people.

In case that you’ve recognized any of the symptoms listed above, and have had them for more than a couple of weeks, then it is highly recommended that you get professional help from your health care provider as soon as possible, especially if you’ve been having thoughts of suicide and death.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, so you should always be honest about how you feel inside. Your health care provider will help you find a therapy that is suited to your needs in order to overcome your problems.

Just remember not to give up. Heartbreak depression does not have to last a long time, so seek professional help in order to get your life back on track and take control of your emotions.

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