The Link Between Depression and Sleep Disorders

depression and sleep

Depression and sleep are tightly linked. In fact, a primary symptom of depression is insomnia, the inability to fall and/or stay asleep throughout the night. Now to clarify, insomnia doesn’t necessarily lead to depression, but it can sure worsen symptoms. Plus, research shows that depression is increased ten times in those with insomnia and other sleep disorders … Read more

Depression is Not a Sign of Weakness

depression is not weakness

Depression is an extremely traumatizing and painful experience. Depression, that is, the mental state of a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and lack of activity, is a problem which affects every individual, either directly or indirectly. You may be depressed or know someone close to you who is. Both these experiences are painful and befuddling. This … Read more

Depression In Women – What Are The Causes & Treatment

Depression In Women

Depression in women is caused by many things, one of the most important ones being: breakups, poverty, and abuse. According to the latest studies, major depression is at the highest rate among divorced and separated men and women, while being the lowest among the married. The overall quality of marriage, lack of confiding and intimate … Read more

Is Heartbreak Depression More Common Among Men Than Women?

heartbreak depression

Relationship breakups are one of the most emotionally challenging parts of anyone’s life, regardless of sex. However, it is considered that men are somewhat more prone to suffering of heartbreak depression. Although the actual statistic may vary, as men are not so eager to seek out help from professionals regarding their emotional problems. Heartbreak depression … Read more

Teenage Depression: These Are The Most Common Causes

Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is more than just occasional melancholy and bad moods. It is a very serious problem that affects every single part of a teen’s life. Alcohol and drug abuse, self-mutilation and self-loathing, violence, pregnancy, and even suicide can be caused by a serious case of teenage depression. If you’re a concerned parent, friend or … Read more

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